Linux in da House Episode 013

Finally, the episode you have been waiting for all this time. Almost a year-and-a-half in the making! Paige talks about Krita and her workflow in different applications. Rejoice! Check out her creations!



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Episode 0 12 – Post OLF Wrap-up

Paige talks about her experiences at the 2013 Ohio Linuxfest. What a great time! The audio quality is a bit poor as we were driving in the car at the time.



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Episode 011 – Precursor to OLF

Paige and Dann talk excitedly about Ohio Linux Fest 2013 on the way to the conference. Other stuff is thrown in there too!


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Episode 010 – SeLF Love

Today we do some catching up on the events of the past two months. Paige talks about her new laptop donated by wonderful listener Ira. Topics include Sabyon, OpenSUSE, KDE, XFCE4 and Krita. We then discuss our adventures down south to attend the South East Linux Fest. The shows rounds up with Paige talking about the Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden concert and fishing.

Homework for next show is to create some art in Krita.

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Episode 009 – We’re Back!

Hooray, the 9th episode has finally been release? Where have we been and what has been going on? Well listen to the first five minutes and that should cover it.

Tonight, we talk about working with Inkscape and synfig and discuss the differences between programs like these and the Gimp. That is a brief discussion about raster vs vector based applications. Paige showcases here homework:

She talks about how she made it in Inkscape and the hurdles she experienced.

We discuss Paige’s¬†dissatisfaction¬†with Mint’s Mate interface and dish out the next homework: That is to try out Xfce4 to see if that suite her better and if not to give KDE4 a whirl if not (although she might do that anyway).

Grap the files below if you are not subscribed! Pay not attention to the fact that the files are dated wrong! Well you won’t notice they are dated wrong until after the 30th!

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science hw–acids and bases

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Episode 008 – Wacom Bamboo Awesomeness

Paige talks about the Wacom Bamboo tablet she got for Christmas. Her work in the Gimp is coming along very well:

first work on the bamboo

Mya – Paige’s manga character

She also colored this drawing:

Paige also talks about her experience using Audacity to create a ring tone.

Her homework for the next show is:

  • Create a drawing using either Inkscape or Synfig Studio



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Episode 007 – Linux Mint in da House

Paige reviews Linux Mint 12 RC, which we replace Ubuntu Oneric Ocelot with on her Pangolin. Keyboard troubles plague her along with the changes in desktop environments like Gnome and Unity from her beloved Gnome 2.

No homework was completed due to some outstanding issues so the Battle for Wesnoth will continue at a later date.

For next show’s homework Paige will:

  • Create a ringtone with Audacity
  • Try a different Desktop Environment – KDE 4 or XFCE, or something else


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Episode 006 – Beneath the Battle for Linux

We cover some listener feed back! The we delve into last show’s homework and come across the bugbear that was the Natty to Oneric upgrade and how poorly that went off on Paige’s Pangolin. Paige rages against the user interface decisions of Ubuntu, Unity, and Gnome 3.

Beneath a Steel sky is discussed along with Trauma from the latest Humble Indie bundle.

We then talk about the reactions Paige receives from her friends for using Linux. Whoa, it’s a dooozy!

Paige describes how she altered the original left image to look like the image on the right:

There is a lot discussed here so listen for yourself.

She also did some interesting eyes:

Finally we come to the Accident Swan:

Paige’s homework for next show is to actually play Battle for Wesnoth. Create some ringtones for her phone using Audacity.

Grab the show files:

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Episode 005 – We’re Back

After months of waiting we are finally back and Paige is raring to go! Paige has completed her homework and gives us three great reviews:

  1. Linux Action Show
  2. GNU World Order
  3. Linux News Log

Paige talks Gimp projects and gives her thoughts on the new Alice Cooper album: Welcome 2 my Nightmare.

Paige’s homework for next show is to play and review to games she has never played before under Linux.

Be sure to send your feedback to feedback at


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