Episode 008 – Wacom Bamboo Awesomeness

Paige talks about the Wacom Bamboo tablet she got for Christmas. Her work in the Gimp is coming along very well:

first work on the bamboo

Mya – Paige’s manga character

She also colored this drawing:

Paige also talks about her experience using Audacity to create a ring tone.

Her homework for the next show is:

  • Create a drawing using either Inkscape or Synfig Studio



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3 Responses to Episode 008 – Wacom Bamboo Awesomeness

  1. Bert says:

    The main reason to safe in the xcf format in The Gimp is to preserve the layers. If you have not used layers yet, do check it out!! Once you get used to them, you can not live without them.
    For the drawings of the figurines, you could use the same body, but have different clothes on different layers. Switching the layers’ visibility on and off can give here different clothes without having to start from scratch time and time again.
    Go give her a whole wardrobe! 😉


  2. frank says:

    Is linux in da house done for good?

    • dann says:

      No it is not Frank. We apologize for the delay in episodes but real life has intruded as it usually does. We hope to have the next episode out in less that a week. In fact, Paige is eager to go and has just finished her homework the other day!

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