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Paige is 13 years old. What more can you say? Contact paige at: kandafan26 at gmail dot com.


Dann is a co-host of,,  and as well as this wonderful show. Contact Dann at dann at

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  1. Mr Youplayedthe2010promoforSELF says:

    In show nr 4, you played the promo for SELF 2010. I think you wanted one for the year 2011. (Or if that was the promo for 2011, they did it wrong. (Or I have inadvertently travelled back in time.)

    Mr. Y

  2. paige says:

    NO ITS NOTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tony Ciak says:

    Page you should really try Peppermint 2

    Besides that I’ll drive your dad nuts, or rather almost sane for a very short while.

    thanks / Tony

  4. Leslie Haaf says:


    If you are still running mint 12, have you tried the MATE desktop. It is a gnome 2 fork that is available on mint. I haven’t used it yet but you might be able customize your desktop to resemble Ubuntu 10.10 with the panels on top rather than on the bottom.
    Awesome Podcast BTW.


  5. zbreaker says:

    Paige & Dann,

    First off, the two of you have a great little podcast going.
    Considering you’ve done 8 episodes already, I’m a bit tardy with my feedback, but
    here goes. I must admit the first few shows were good, but a bit tentative. Paige, you
    didn’t seem like you were completely there voluntarily, although I’m sure we can attribute that to getting your feet wet with podcasting in general. Still, the episodes were fun and I actually learned a thing or two about Gimp myself.

    And then episode 6 arrived – WOW. From that moment on it was as if the butterfly
    emerged from the cocoon. Paige’s presence, conviction and podcasting presence really came to the forefront with and continuing after that episode. It was a pleasure to hear.

    You two keep up the good work – looking forward to the next cast.

    Take care

  6. Peter says:

    Good stuff Paige, Dann you are a host on the not bloody .info

    ps Dann sent you and idea for “Homework”, sorry Paige

  7. paige says:

    Father dear, you should probably update this page, because, if I’m not mistaken, I haven’t been thirteen for two years.

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