Episode 011 – Precursor to OLF

Paige and Dann talk excitedly about Ohio Linux Fest 2013 on the way to the conference. Other stuff is thrown in there too!


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2 Responses to Episode 011 – Precursor to OLF

  1. FlyinRich says:

    Dann, sounds like you are recovering from serious drinking!

    You have faulty memories! If I ate a hot dog, I would have been in the emergency room!

    OK, I did grab a lot of food, but did not eat it all!

    Yes, I thought we were going to a Brazilian BBQ.

    Dann three dinners in one night!

    Food coma! Eeeek! White Castle taste the same as the ones from the microwave!

    Dann ate 7 murder burgers!

    I had Mark Spencer’s tickets for the rafel.

    BTW, we texted you that I was going with D2D to the three legged Mare. I was standing there with Joel, after he texted you!

    You guys are so full of it! I was standing by the elevator with Joel!

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