Linux in da House Episode 013

Finally, the episode you have been waiting for all this time. Almost a year-and-a-half in the making! Paige talks about Krita and her workflow in different applications. Rejoice! Check out her creations!



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3 Responses to Linux in da House Episode 013

  1. imahuph says:

    Nice artwork looking forward to hearing the show this week during my drive. Can you do hamsters need some artwork for my site.

  2. nitroflow says:

    Inkscape is a vector based while Krita, GIMP and mypaint are all raster based. I suggest you look up the differences between both types but think of creating art in vectors as stacking different shapes of colored paper(think southpark) and raster based as painting on a canvas. Hope the next episode comes sooner!

  3. nitroflow says:

    Oh btw, you might wanna check youtube for pen of the avatar(ongoing concept art series for the shroud of the avatar: forsaken virtues mmorpg using photoshop) and like Dann already mentioned, David Revoy which uses all open source software.

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