Episode 006 – Beneath the Battle for Linux

We cover some listener feed back! The we delve into last show’s homework and come across the bugbear that was the Natty to Oneric upgrade and how poorly that went off on Paige’s Pangolin. Paige rages against the user interface decisions of Ubuntu, Unity, and Gnome 3.

Beneath a Steel sky is discussed along with Trauma from the latest Humble Indie bundle.

We then talk about the reactions Paige receives from her friends for using Linux. Whoa, it’s a dooozy!

Paige describes how she altered the original left image to look like the image on the right:

There is a lot discussed here so listen for yourself.

She also did some interesting eyes:

Finally we come to the Accident Swan:

Paige’s homework for next show is to actually play Battle for Wesnoth. Create some ringtones for her phone using Audacity.

Grab the show files:

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5 Responses to Episode 006 – Beneath the Battle for Linux

  1. dave says:

    WOW! I was surprise a new show came out this fast. Thanks for reading my feedback on the show 🙂

    Keep up the great work.

  2. paige says:

    your welcome, we tried to get to all the feedback, i’m going to make sure i organize all the emails i get into the “work” folder so i can be sure to mention everyone that gave feedback!^^

  3. imahuph says:

    I am all for the idea of shell scripts as part of the homework, I would like to learn along with Page, the command line is still a weakness for me.

  4. lostnbronx says:

    (I’m behind in my listening, but I’ll catch up.)

    This was a good ep. It was interesting to hear people’s reactions to Paige’s preference for Linux. People are strange — especially their arguments about it being some sort of cheat or theft.

    Other arguments are not quite so easy to dismiss though. You guys spent the first hour of the show talking about stuff that didn’t work correctly (the Ubuntu upgrade, “Battle For Wesnoth”, etc.); avowed Windows users would hardly be convinced that Linux is a viable alternative from that.

    Now I NOT saying that you shouldn’t talk about the bad stuff that happens with Linux — I mean, that’s the only way it ever gets fixed — but, personally, I’ve come to believe that Linux just isn’t the right choice for everyone. And I know that that wasn’t your argument either, but, too often we hear Linux evangelists (who are just salespeople by any other name, and easily the worst members of our community) make sweeping statements to that effect.

    Anyway, on to the next episode. Good work, you two!

  5. Thom says:

    ALOT of people don’t use Linux is because they don’t like change. Plain and simple. My wife is the perfect example, she didn’t want to stop using Internet Explorer just because she was accustomed to it. I forget the reason why I got her to switch to Firefox, but she did and now she refuses to try anything else, and when we have to backup her machine for a reformat (she is still on Windows), all I backup is music, pictures, and her bookmarks! She could switch to Linux easily, she mostly only is interested in surfing the Internet, but she sees my Slackware and Arch machines and thinks that Linux is alot of hacking away in the Terminal.

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