Episode 004 – Fey

Paige gets down and dirty with Gimpe and Inkscape, check out her work:

Original scanned drawing to the left (obviously) and the colorized version – done with Inkscape and Gimp.

Paige gives her opinion of RevolutionOS.  Do not expect us to post it here, you have to listen for yourself!  Also includes a brief discussion of BSD.

We talk about Stallman, Torvalds, and Raymond, and Paige gives her impressions.

Paige gets down and dirty with the Gimp and Inkscape as you can see from the images above.  While we both had homework, we are not ready to show what we had accomplished on our first attempts, it was very hard.

Paige’s homework for the week:  Listen to three different podcasts:

We hope that the next show will be a bit more earlier than the gap between the 3rd and 4th episdoes.

Show Files:

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Episode 003 – OpenOffice and GNU 4 Freedoms

Tonight Paige reports on the four freedoms posited by the GNU manifesto.  She then gives an overview of OpenOffice and how it compares to the Office suites she uses in school.  We discuss the software used at school and what her friends use and the trials therein.  A challenge is levied by Peter64 to produce a wallpaper comparable to his by following tutorial #9 on the wonderful repository of 30 Gimp Tutorials he pointed us to.

Additionally, Paige is tasked with exploring OpenOffice Draw and watching RevolutionOS.

Show Files:

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Episode 002 – Gimping Valentines

So this week Paige talks about how she made me Dann a sweet little Valentine’s Day Background image for his desktop. There is much discussion about how the new external hard drive was shared via Samba and ssh technologies. Paige’s homework for this week is to list the four freedoms provided by the GNU General Public License.

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Episode 001 – The Beginning

Our first episode has been released!  Paige gives a review of her System76 Starling netbook and her impressions of Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10.  We talk about all the hardware in the house running Linux or another OpenSource OS.  Paige’s homework for the next show is to name who created Linux and why he or she created it.  Enjoy the first show!

Music by Vcnt – ERH


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The Show Begins

The first episode was recorded before the website was set up.  The first episode should be out soon so keep checking back.  Also coming are the RSS feeds, a better theme, and promos.  Hooray!

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