Episode 004 – Fey

Paige gets down and dirty with Gimpe and Inkscape, check out her work:

Original scanned drawing to the left (obviously) and the colorized version – done with Inkscape and Gimp.

Paige gives her opinion of RevolutionOS.  Do not expect us to post it here, you have to listen for yourself!  Also includes a brief discussion of BSD.

We talk about Stallman, Torvalds, and Raymond, and Paige gives her impressions.

Paige gets down and dirty with the Gimp and Inkscape as you can see from the images above.  While we both had homework, we are not ready to show what we had accomplished on our first attempts, it was very hard.

Paige’s homework for the week:  Listen to three different podcasts:

We hope that the next show will be a bit more earlier than the gap between the 3rd and 4th episdoes.

Show Files:

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8 Responses to Episode 004 – Fey

  1. guitarman says:

    Hey Gang,
    Love the show – it’s always fun. I enjoy the banter between the 2 of you. You make me wish one of my sons would podcast with me too! What a great memory you are making. Anyways – I know Paige doesn’t like the homework, but I gotta say, its a fun part of the show. Hearing her perspective on RMS, Linus and ESR was fun, and I can’t wait to hear what she thinks of the 2 podcasts you mentioned. Keep up the good work you too – you do have listeners and we appreciate your efforts!

  2. claudiom says:

    Great episode as always. I’m with guitarman on Paige’s perspective. My eldest son is also becoming a fan, and all of my kids love the intro theme. 😛 One thing though, SELF 2010 already happened so you might want to get rid of that promo file. 😉

  3. claudiom says:

    BTW, love that jazz tune. 😉

  4. Joe_C says:

    Awesome show! We look forward to it every episode. The kids really benifit from the GIMP tips and walkthroughs. Paige has alot of talent. We also look forward to her verdict on the podcasts 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  5. klaatu says:

    great show so far! i’m on the edge of me’ seat!

  6. dave says:

    Love the show! I wish more shows would come out sooner. 🙂

  7. dave says:

    Hey, it’s been 3 months since the last show. When is the next one???

  8. paigeWashko says:

    @dave, we just put out an episode today^^

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