Episode 001 – The Beginning

Our first episode has been released!  Paige gives a review of her System76 Starling netbook and her impressions of Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10.  We talk about all the hardware in the house running Linux or another OpenSource OS.  Paige’s homework for the next show is to name who created Linux and why he or she created it.  Enjoy the first show!

Music by Vcnt – ERH


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  1. Thanks Paige and Dann for this cool new Linux podcast! I just listened to the first episode this morning and I look forward to hearing more. Paige, it sounds like you’ve already got wild Gimp skillz .. but in case you haven’t heard of it already .. there’s a channel on YouTube with really nice tutorials which I think you might also enjoy:

    I guess it’s too late for your “homework assignment” but Linus wrote a blog post recently about some fun he and his wife Tove had at the Oscars:

    In da houieouieouuuussss,

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