Episode 002 – Gimping Valentines

So this week Paige talks about how she made me Dann a sweet little Valentine’s Day Background image for his desktop. There is much discussion about how the new external hard drive was shared via Samba and ssh technologies. Paige’s homework for this week is to list the four freedoms provided by the GNU General Public License.

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4 Responses to Episode 002 – Gimping Valentines

  1. Matt says:

    I like the show! I found it through the listing on “thelinuxlink.net” I think you should let Paige talk more about the aspects of Linux that SHE finds interesting. The best part of the last show was when she was explaining how she made her creation. There was some genuine energy there. Much more interesting!

    Here’s some questions for a future show (if you like):

    Do you ever have the problem where other kids can do things with their computers that Paige can’t do because she uses Linux? (Like games, educational software etc.) What do you do then? What do her friends think of her being a Linux user? Or is it even an issue? Does her school require any work to be submitted in Microsoft formats? And why does poor little Paige have to live in a crawl space next to a hot water heater 😉

  2. dann says:

    Matt, questions are great and we will address those on the next episode and going forward. Also, expect to hear a lot more page and less me, that you will.

  3. Dave says:

    Are you going to get other family members to participate in your show about linux and how they use linux?

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